Since 1984 we specialise in manufacturing bespoke furniture and interior joinery for individual investors, institutional and private clients, throughout the country.


As part of our activities we have manufactured a wide range of architectural projects including banks, theatres, TV stations, newspaper offices, travel agencies, shops, cafes, restaurants, hospitals and others. We have realized a lot of complex orders for the owners of residences, houses, apartments and flats.


In addition to traditional designs produced on the basis of domestic and exotic timbers, natural and reconstituted veneers, blockboards or MDF we also provide modern furniture, for which we use such materials as glass, acid steel, aluminium, conglomerates, resins, plastics and modern LED illumination.


We cooperate with specialists in metalsmithing, glazing, upholstery,  stonemasonry, electrics and building.


In addition to standard material processing of materials, we also use the following techniques:

- soft and post-forming;

- vacuum veneering,  laminating of curved surfaces (vacuum technology)

- shaping and gluing of plywood and MDF by press forming  (pressing in shores and matrices)

- resin casting used for making furniture components such as legs, tops and joints,

- Marquetry and inlays.


Our CAD and Rhinoceros technical documentation for quotations and workshop drawings is prepared by our engineers.


The plant has modern machinery, including hot-press with pressing length 350 cm, and its own paint shop, in which in addition to standard finishing in any colour and gloss, we offer unusual finishing such as:

- multicoloured lacquers rub

- aging with patination

- emphasizing the natural grain of the wood by leaching with sandblasting or brushing

- curing the lacquer with use of  texturing finish “testurizzato”.


We invite to cooperation architects, designers and individual clients, we offer a commission system for all those, who secure new orders for our company.



The order realization procedure:

1. Free evaluation of works based on architectural documentation, drawings or photographs supplied by the customer.

2. Determination of the amount due for work carried out on the basis of the cost estimate to the agreement.

3. In-situ measurements after approval of the agreement by the customer

4. Preparation of working and workshop documentation, with taking into consideration every suggestions of the customer as regards design and colours.

5. After approval of workshop drawings we proceed to make the order.